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Saturday, 6 December 2014

How to Create Paypal Integration Using PHP

Follow All the steps and Successfully Add Paypal Integration In your Website

For More Info Visit : Paypal Integration Using PHP  

Step 1
Create a Paypal Sandbox account at
Step 2
How to integrate with Paypal Using PHP
Now create test accounts for payment system. Take a look at Sandbox menu left-side top Sandbox->Test Accounts
Step 3
Here I have created two accounts Buyer (personal) and Seller (merchant/business)


Contains PHP code. Displaying products, product image, product name and product price. Here you have to give your business(seller) $paypal_id id. Modify paypal button form return and cancel_return URLs.

Paypal payment success return file. Getting Paypal argument like item_number. Paypal data success.php?tx=83437E384950D&st=Completed&amt=10.00&cc=USD&cm=&item_number=1

Paypal API cancel_return file.
 Step 4
When your web application test payment system workflow is completed. Change the form action development API URLs to original API URLs and give valid $paypal_id seller email id.


For More Info Visit : Paypal Integration Using PHP