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Monday, 12 January 2015

Top E_Commerce Framework in PHP

1) Magento ( ):
Magento is used by highest number of users as a E-Commerce CMS because
- Very Secure.
- Inclues large number of inbuilt features.
- Very Effective in SEO.
- available as Opensource and Paid based on the features.
- can Handle large number of products and data effectively.
2) PrestaShop ( ):
- Open Source.
- 310+ Features.
- 2000+ modules and templates available.
- Winner of 2011 Open Source Award.
3) OpenCart ( ):
Opencart is very well structured and easy to use as it follows MVC pattern very effectively. One most important feature in this is VQMOD. By this feature you can modify any code without affecting that file.
- Open Source.
- Well structured.
- Follows MVC pattern.
- Opencart Useful Extensions
- Supports modules for additional functionality.
4) OS Commerce ( ):
- Open Source.
- Well structured.
- 12,800 registered sites
- 271,387 community members
- 1,542,660 forum postings
5) CS Cart ( ):
It is mainly used to handle large number of products. It is available under different licences. It handles the complexity very effectively with normalize database structure.
- Paid.
- Very well structured.
- Support addons for additional functionalities.
- SUpports Multivendor/Marketplace E-Commerce Model
6) Drupalcommerce ( ):
- Open Source.
- Build on Drupal 7 having modules like Views and Rules.
- Strong SOcial media connectivity.

2) Top PHP CMS Used

1) WordPress ( ):
Wordpress is at number 1 only because it is very user friendly to use and it covers all of the essential features in a great way. It is basically made for the Blog purpose but now as its functionality exoands day by day it is used for other type of websites also.
Main Features:
a) Support Avaiblity- Very Good
b) Users traffic- High
c) Plugins/Modules avaiblity- Almost every type of plugin is available. Most of the plugins are free to use but some of them are paid.
d) Other: Multiuser, Multisite
2) Joomla( ):
Joomla is also very good CMS as it covers most of the functionalities like theme implementation for different pages, Custom menus, Components and articles etc. It includes components to extends functionality ex: If you want to make a E-commerce website then a very good component VIRTUEMART is available. Admin panel is also simple to use.
Main features:
a) Suport Avaiblity- Very Good
b) Users traffic- High
c) Components available- Number of components are available but most of good components are paid.
3) Drupal ( ):
Number of users also like to work on DRUPAL.
Main Features:
a) Support Avaiblity- Very Good
b) Users traffic- High
c) Modules Avaiblity- Good, Paid and free available.
Top Ecommerce, CMS, Framemework in PHP
Top Ecommerce, CMS, Framemework in PHP

3) TOP  PHP Frameworks used :

1) Yii
2) CodeIgniter
3) CakePHP
4) PHPDevShell
5) Akelos
6) Symfony
7) Prado
8) Zend Framework
9) Zoop Object Oriented Php Framework
10) Quick PHP