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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

How to Remove WaterMark from Visual lightBox 5.7 and latest version

Hi Users today i'm telling you how to remove watermark from Visual Lightbox and you can also remove watermark from your publish project. It is very easy to remove but just follow these steps:

1. Download and install your Visual Lightbox from here: Download

2. After installing Visual Lightbox create your project and publish to your destination folder

3. After publishing the project go to your publish project and find "visuallightbox.js" which is locate at "your publish proct folder/index_files folder/vlb_engine folder" and open "visuallightbox.js" with Word pad and press Ctrl+f and search "" and change it to your own website url or remove it like:
For example:

Original image:

 Change it to like this:
 Or you can add your own url

4. after doing that press Ctrl+S and save it.
5. After doing that copy your original image and paste it into "your publish project folder/vlb_images1 folder/" and replace the images.
For example:

your original image convert the old image and it will remove the watermark from image automatically

6. Congratulation you did it.
7. Any complain, Just comment and i will give your ans in 2 to 3 hour....!
8. Thnx users for reading i hope you will like it......!

I think the above technique will be helpful ...